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Top talent is waiting around the corner for you.

In today’s market, your business demands the right partner. Someone that gets your mission, your objectives, your goals, and has experience getting sh*t done! As repeat founders and builders, Tech Recruiters prides ourselves on the ability to understand the why and translate that into a hook that grabs the best candidates.


We aren't recruiters that found a product market fit in Tech.  We are Tech that saw a huge need for real partners and moved to fill the gap.


We start with your customer and work backwards.  We ask about market fit, we ask about where the team is going, we understand the hoops of the next round of funding, and we are absolutely going to put your team in the position to make the best product & engineering staffing decisions together.

We can't wait to hear from you!


Let's chat so we can help you find the talent you're looking for.

Client Needs

Call or email us directly and tell us what candidates you need. Speak with a recruiter instantly.

Build a Hiring Strategy

Our recruiters will listen to your needs, offer advice, and give you a free quote.

Cultivate win/win relationships

Once all is agreed, our recruiters will immediately start the search for great candidates for your role!


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